Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for taking the time to vote for me in the August 9 primary election. It’s because of your continued support that I’m proudly able to serve as the senator representing District 59. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to participate in the political process and your commitment to the betterment of our state.

Our primary election victory brings us one step closer to the general election. I’m hopeful that we’ll be triumphant again in November, but in order to do so, I need your help. Please get out the vote! Encourage your friends and family to participate in the process so we can continue our work and create a better Minnesota. Please vote not only for me this November, but for Hillary Clinton as president. Our world depends on it. For more information on voting this November, please visit

I truly believe we can lift communities and level the playing field through policies that emphasize education and community initiatives, business and workforce development, and housing/home ownership opportunities.

Over the next four years, I’ll continue fighting for the issues that matter most to you. Important matters that I intend to emphasize include:

  • continuing investments in E-12 and higher education to ensure students can thrive and prepare for their futures
  • investing in our state’s infrastructure by passing a comprehensive transportation bill
  • overturning the economic disparities we’ve witnessed in recent years among communities of color, particularly with African Americans;
  • taking action on criminal justice reform by passing legislation that supports crime prevention, sentencing reform, and reducing recidivism rates;
  • restoring the right to vote to those who have served their time
  • supporting legislation that will protect our environment, especially air and water quality

Once again, thank you for affording me the honor and privilege to represent the families of District 59. Your dedication and support inspire me to continue fighting the good fight. But in order to keep up the fight, I need you to vote in the November 8 election. Go get out the vote!

Yours truly,