Fellow Resident of Senate District 59,

Hello! This is Bobby Joe Champion, and in November 2012, I was elected to serve as your State Senator. I stopped by your home on this lovely afternoon to introduce myself, and to chat about the issues that matter most to you. If you have any questions or concerns about the community, I’d love to hear from you at one of my local Town Hall sessions, my “Champion Chats”, or you can call me (personal cell is 612-518-8870, my Senate office number is 651-296-9246) or email me (sen.bobby.champion@senate.mn).

Here is a brief list of my legislative priorities since I was offered the honor of serving this community:

Ban the Box & Expungement: Democrats, Republicans and Independents agree – having a job is a good thing. My bill to “ban the box” removed a roadblock to Minnesotans seeking to join the labor force. Now, when applying for a job, it is illegal for an employer to inquire or consider an applicant’s criminal record when deciding who gets an interview. I also authored a bill allowing judges to permanently seal the criminal records of reformed offenders – making it easier for these Minnesotans to secure good jobs, access quality housing, and provide for their families.

Expanded Sick Leave Flexibility: I authored a bill that allows employees, if their workplace provides them “sick time”, to use these hours to care for their adult children, spouse, sibling, parent or grandparent, in addition to their child.

Tenant Protection: I am committed to assuring that everyone has access to affordable housing, and I am proud to have brought together the resources of Legal Aid and the Multi Housing Association for my tenant protection bill. This legislation assesses a $500 fine to those that do not notify prospective tenants that a house is in foreclosure. It also makes permanent a provision in the Renter Protection Act that permits a tenant to remain in the foreclosed residence for 90 days after a lease expires, and grants those wishing to appeal a court decision an extra 5 days to file their action.

Protection for the Blind and Disabled: Many Minnesotans utilize the assistance of service animals. I wrote a bill to expand the rights of persons with disabilities to enter public establishments with their service animals in accordance with the American Disabilities Act.

Minnesota Prosperity Act: Our version of the DREAM Act permits the children of immigrants that attended three years of Minnesota high school to receive the in-state tuition rate in Minnesota, in addition to financial aid and scholarships. I am currently leading on legislation that would permit a driver’s license for all Minnesota residents of driving age, ensuring all people have access to auto insurance.

I am committed to working with you to make this community a better place to live, and would love to have your continued support in the future. I’ll keep you posted on future events, and welcome your feedback.


Senator Bobby Joe Champion