On August 9, Cast Your Vote for Bobby Joe Champion’s Agenda to Invest in our Families

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Investing in Our Families – Champion4Change.org

As a senator and family man, I believe in the importance of passing legislation that works for all Minnesota families. Whether it’s affordable housing, paid family leave, raising the minimum wage, or E-12 and higher education, I believe that strong communities begin with happy families. I’d like to introduce you to my own family and explain how policies I’ve supported have helped us — and how they can help your family, too.

Affordable Child Care

This is my son, Jaylen, now 15 years old. Every parent wants their child to receive quality child care when they’re young. Unfortunately, child care costs in Minnesota are among the highest in the country, creating a barrier to work for too many families. That’s why I supported an increase in the dependent care tax credit to help working families better afford quality child care. We know that when children are introduced to learning environments as early as possible, it helps to close the achievement gap. For working families, and for Minnesota kids, we must invest in affordable child care.

Universal Pre-K
Here are both of my boys on my younger son Myles’s first day of Kindergarten. He was very excited and prepared thanks to quality Pre-K. Quality early education gives our students the jump-start they need to be ready for kindergarten. I have supported increased funding for early learning options such as School Readiness and early learning scholarships. I also supported a universal pre-K for all 4-year-olds. Solid early education opportunities for all Minnesota students are essential for student success. Pre-kindergarten has shown proven success in helping close the achievement gap. I’ll continue to work to ensure all children have access to quality pre-K programs.

Quality Education: E-12 through Higher Ed
I taught my kids about the value of education just as my father taught me. A strong public education system is the key to opportunity for all Minnesota students. To continue with this effort, we must continue to build a high quality E-12 education system. All Minnesota children, no matter their ZIP code, deserve a high quality educational experience that will prepare them for the 21st century global economy. This will inspire them to pursue postsecondary options, which brings me to college affordability. A college degree should not just be an option for those who can afford it; it should be an option for all Minnesotans regardless of income. I will continue to work with our institutions to ensure our in-state tuition rates remain stable or begin to be reduced and student are able to graduate with manageable debt.

“Every child in this state should believe they have the ability to reach for the sky, to reach their full potential. Our children and families are the future of Minnesota, and we owe them a Minnesota filled with opportunity. From infancy to college years, it’s important our kids have the tools to learn, grow, and better our communities. This is the vision I have for our families and children, and I hope you’ll share this vision.”
— Senator Bobby Joe Champion

Legislative Vision for Families
From cradle to college, the costs of raising a family continue to increase. I am committed to expanding recent tax relief that is helping families better afford child care, K-12 education, and college expenses. But my support for pro-family legislation doesn’t end there.

I supported the 2012 Marriage Amendment because I believe that everyone should be able to marry the person they love – just like I was able to marry my wife, Angela.

In 2014, I voted for a bonding bill that made a sustainable investment in affordable housing. I’ll continue to support more affordable housing and aiding the homeless because it helps stabilize families, giving them more time and money to devote to caring for their children, their health and their career – all of which lead to healthier and economically stronger Minnesota. No one should have to decide between taking care of a loved one or going to work to pay the bills. I will continue to support Paid Family Leave until it becomes law. This Legislature owes it to our working families who contribute so much to our state.
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Senator Bobby Joe Champion – DFL & Labor Endorsed