Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Minnesota saw remarkable progress when Democrats were in control of the House, Senate and Governor’s office. We were able to accomplish some great things.

This year, things have changed. The Minnesota House is controlled by a Republican majority and we are experiencing the challenges of divided government. Some Republicans seem to only be satisfied when government doesn’t work.

House Republicans showed their hand early this session. They tried to eliminate LGA for Minneapolis, cut wages for tipped employees, kick 90,000 off their affordable health insurance, and threaten the livelihoods of our teachers.

Senate DFLers opposed these Republican proposals and we were able to defeat them. While we were able to pass some good things this year, we certainly didn’t get everything we wanted in this budget. There were a number of missed opportunities and disappointments. I’m especially disappointed my Restore the Vote legislation didn’t pass, but I have not given up on making sure this becomes law. I will continue the fight to make our communities safer, our schools better and opportunities for our citizens greater.

Thank you for the honor of representing you. Please feel free to contact me whenever I can be of assistance.

Bobby Joe Champion

Minnesota State Senate

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